Biomedical research focusing on breast cancer and medical education.


  • Outstanding Scientific Presentation Award, American Society of Breast Surgeons Annual Meeting (2018)

  • Owen H. Wangasteen Excellence in Research Award, American College of Surgeons Annual Meeting (2017)


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  • Williams, A.D., Bleicher, R., Ciocca, R. Breast cancer risk, screening and prevalence among sexual minority women: An analysis of the National Health Interview Survey. Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, Las Vegas, NV. October 2018.

  • Williams, A.D., Arlow, R., Reyes, S., Tchou, J., De La Cruz, L. Is Age Trumping Genetic Profiling in Clinical Practice? Relationship of Chemotherapy Recommendation and Oncotype DX Recurrence Score in Patients <50 versus >50 and Trends Over Time. American Society of Breast Surgeons, Orlando, FL. May 2018.​

  • Williams, A.D., Posey, A., Tchou, J. Tn-MUC1 - a novel chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR T) therapy target for breast cancer. Society of Surgical Oncology, Chicago, IL. March 2018.

  • Williams, A.D., Tchou, J. Characterization of novel immune checkpoint receptors within the breast cancer tumor microenvironment. American College of Surgeons, San Diego, CA. October 2017.

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  • Williams, A.D., Tchou, J.  Mammographic Breast Density Decreases After Bariatric Surgery. Society of Surgical Oncology, Seattle, WA. March 2017.



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